CAROLINE HARDING graduated with a degree in creative writing from Florida State University in 1981 and immediately got a job with the local ABC affiliate in production. After seven months, during which time she went from tearing news scripts to studio floor director and audio engineer, she began directing live news. In 1983 she moved to Los Angeles where she was employed as a technical director for the premier of the Disney Channel. After two years, she became an editor for the Disney Channel and within that year, Senior Editor. But, she missed writing, so she left Disney and became a freelance writer for a variety of magazines including American Cinematographer, Los Angeles, National Wildlife, and Modern Maturity. While doing a cover story for Modern Maturity she met Dr. Barbara Korsch, M.D., with whom she went on to co-author a book - The Intelligent Patient’s Guide to the Doctor Patient Relationship, Oxford University Press. Harding then went on to produce and direct documentary about Korsch called Portrait of a Pioneer - Barbara M. Korsch, M.D. Harding is now creating a series based on the Portrait of a Pioneer concept, in which unique and inspirational individuals are profiled.